Recruiting & Hiring

Conquer your largest talent hiring challenges with ease

From knowing how to reach the best talent via multiple career sites to developing competitive compensation packages, our talent management helps you to recognize, captivate and hire the best fit.

Recruiting & Hiring

Attract and hire the top people

Develop a better recruiting experience so you can draw the best talent with the skills you need to find an asset to your business. With the advanced software and best-practice guidance from Worksite PAY, you can:

  • Draw top applicants with custom career postings and an engaging applicant experience
  • Cut time in filling talent openings faster by turning on key recruiting and hiring tasks, like building or updating job descriptions and job postings
  • Fill positions fast with the help of Worksite PAY’s Talent Management experts; from filling hourly positions to executive positions

Compensation Standard

Guarantee that your candidates cannot refuse your competitive offer

The right compensation can be the deciding factor for bringing the best candidate through the door. With ThinkHR’s compensation tool you get timely, reliable and useful compensation data, so you can be an expert in your industry and make offers that are realistic and competitive.


Hire with assurance

Save time in the hiring process, control risk and prevent potential civil claims and criminal penalties with easy-to-use Worksite PAY hiring features, that include:

  • Compliance mandates for any state that you’re hiring in
  • Proper hiring-practice advice 
  • Integrated background checks
  • Education credential verification
  • Drug screenings

Worksite PAY services are configured to your unique needs, and are joined with other Worksite PAY solutions to give your company a complete approach.


Give you employee the tools to reach their potential from the start

Your new talent strives to attain greatness even before they step through the door,  so connect people to what they need to thrive at work. With Worksite PAY’s electronic onboarding experience the transition from hiring to day one is smooth.

  • Reduce the paperwork and tedious processes of new hire documents and enrich the onboarding experience for your new employees, their manager and your HR staff
  • A streamline electronic onboarding process that gets your new employee hired as you stay compliant. 

“… to have all of our onboarding tools online, so we’re paperless from an offer perspective and the initial onboarding paperwork … we can enhance that entire process.”

— Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR
    Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)