HR Services

ThinkHR is your HR solution

Modern technology makes every day tasks or challenges simple to execute but there are times that you have a simple HR inquiry-  or you have a more complex HR issue that requires a professional help.   

ThinkHR has easy templates and telephone support for everyday inquiries, as well as one on one consulting for more complex situations related to re-organization, acquisitions or mergers. 

Best practices at your fingertips 

ThinkHR has experienced HR professionals to help you with any question that you may have.  This allows  you to concentrate your time on your growing business. ThinkHR’s services consist of:

  • HR Support: Contact an HR expert via telephone or chat
  • Q&A Database: Locate answer to the most common HR questions 
  • Forms : Access numerous forms (i.e best practices,  job descriptions, checklists and policies)
  • Employee Handbook Builder: Custom made employee handbook, personalized with your company’s specifics as well as federal and state employment laws.
  • Job Description Builder: Guides you through a step-by-step process for building meaningful job descriptions
  • Training Courses: Access and assign training courses and get your certificates

Boost operational performance

There’s a time when you require comprehensive guidance from an HR expert — most importantly if your company is going through some major changes such as an expansion, an acquisition, a merger or re-organization that will majorly effect your company.

Navigate with confidence through your next crucial transitions with the help of the ThinkHR experts. They will thoroughly evaluate your human capital management (HCM) processes, then advise you in the best practices for your business  in an effort to allow you to become more effective — giving you more time to concentrate on your business. 

Enhance your HR processes

Optimize your HR processes from payroll to compliance to talent management and other Human Capital Management practices with a consultation from the ThinkHR experts. 

Some of the ways that ThinkHR can help:

  • Accessing your HR administration process
  • Providing customized training and best-practice recommendations
  • Custom made employee handbooks that are state specific 

You can count on us

A workforce can be unpredictable and a challenge may be unforeseen. When these occurrences happen you may not have the personnel or time to handle every HR change, that’s why having a dedicated partnership with ThinkHR is key in your growing business. 

ThinkHR has thousands of clients in various industries.  These clients have established a strong partnership with ThinkHR where they receive top-notch personalized service and knowledge.