PEO Arrangment

The benefits of a PEO

No only will you be saving time and money, and protecting your business, but employees will now have access to big employer benefits. Going with a PEO from Worksite PAY, your business receives the guidance it needs along with an all-in-one cloud based solution for your HR, payroll, benefits and risk.

Financial Benefits

Your dollar goes further

Savings from going with a PEO may vary from industry and from year to year. Businesses do find they are able to offer better benefit packages at a much more competitive price than if they  were to try this on their own.

Savings from going with a PEO may also be found when businesses:

  • Benefit packages which include health care and 401(k)
  • Decrease in turnover
  • Decrease in workplace injuries and employee absence
  • Avoiding compliance errors
  • Avoiding employee lawsuits

Better Benefits

Better benefits can bring along better employees

With a PEO you can provide a better and more complete benefits package than what you can provide on your own. This includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance. You can also provide more complete commuter benefits as well as long- and short-term disability, 401(k) plans and more.

With these better benefits comes the ability to:

  • Attract and retain employees
  • Compete with bigger businesses for talent
  • Be seen as an employer of choice
  • Offer various benefit needs of your diverse worksite employees

The benefits person does not have to be you when going with a PEO. Worksite PAY speaks directly with employees when annual benefits enrollment rolls around to educate staff about benefit choices available to them. Employees can enroll either online or by phone, and when they call in for any questions, or to make changes or report an incident, they will be speaking directly with Worksite PAY.

Risk Reduction

Reduce your risk

Worksite PAY can help you as an employer bring down your risk.

Reduce legal liability

With our EPLI, you may be covered in case an employee tries to sue your business.

Compliance so you can be ease

An integral part to our PEO is compliance. Our HR experts know and understand the latest HR compliance rules and regulations.

Workplace Safety

A risk and safety advisor can help with your safety program, training and claims. These advisors can also help with compliance in your industry. This will help to:

  • Bring down workers’ compensation claims, legal liabilities and risk
  • Lessen injuries and employees missing work
  • Cut down fines and penalties
  • Reveal workplace-injury trends

Being Effective

One less thing on your plate

With a PEO you will see greater efficiency. You as a business owner get to focus on what you do best and grow your business while we handle everything from HR and payroll to benefits and compliance.

Finding talent is tough and we are there to help with topics like:

  • Growing your team to support your business model
  • Bringing the right people on board
  • How to fix and understand overhead
  • Developing your staff so they can grow
  • Handling issues, harassment claims and more

“Working with Worksite PAY has simplified our HR and has allowed us to focus on our core business”

— Reign Supply, Inc.