HR & Payroll Outsourcing

Outsource pain-staking HR management tasks

Are you ready to focus more on your core business and less on humdrum HR and payroll tasks? Maybe your company is experiencing a merger, acquisition, or rapid expansion. In these cases, it is necessary to have the expertise and support of a seasoned HR team. No matter the challenge, Worksite PAY has the experience and solutions to help reduce your burdens and risks.

See how HR outsourcing can perfect your business

We offer multiple HR outsourcing solutions that’ll work best for your company.

Your business can feel like a puzzle: Snap in the pieces that fit the best

One size doesn’t fit all scenarios. Our multiple HR outsourcing solutions will get you exactly what you need including technology and expert guidance across:
  • Talent — Our team can find, hire and onboard the best employees who’ll fit your company culture, and then our team helps them advance with professional development
  • Human Resources — We’ll assist with assessing the best compensation strategy for your employees, your turnover and talent management, compared to similar businesses
  • Benefits — Employee benefits administration is complex and time-consuming, which makes it a good reason to outsource
  • Compliance — Our experts in risk and compliance handle thousands of annual changes to employment regulations; because of this, you can avoid common benefits administration and HR management downfalls
  • Payroll — Let us reduce the burden on your payroll staff to help diminish cost and risk, including multi-state tax filings

Work with an experienced partner that’s also scalable

With Worksite PAY you get:
  • A  successful team with a proved track record across multiple industries
  • Support from a nationwide network of certified human capital management (HCM) professionals
  • Easily integrate with all aspects of HCM, including leading technology providers
  • Access to a full service HR department so you can make better-informed business decisions
  • Multiple options to fit your business needs
  • The most advanced payroll platform in the industry