Vision Insurance

Employee Vision Insurance

Employee vision insurance policies cover routine eye exams and other office visits, and arranges for specific pricing or discounts for the purchase of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Vision insurance is regularly set up as either a vision benefits package or a discount plan:

  • A vision benefits package offers eye care and eye wear services within set dollar amounts in return for an yearly premium or membership fee and a co-pay each time you receive a service.
  • A discount vision plan offers eye care and eye wear services at a discounted rate after you pay a yearly premium or membership fee.

Worksite PAY: The right approach

A licensed professional will assist you in choosing the right vision plan for your employees and construct a comprehensive blue print that works best for your business. What makes WorksitePay standout from other agencies?

  • Partnerships with well known health and benefits insurance carriers across the nation
  • Various plan choices modified to your business requirements
  • Client driven help group that is focused on your prosperity

We’ve helped other organizations improve their health care ventures — and we would welcome the chance to help your organization as well.