Life Insurance

Business Life Insurance

Group life insurance involves a single policy that covers an entire group of employees. Typically, the policy owner is your company and the policy covers the employees or members of the group. 

Term life insurance is the most typical form of group life insurance. Group term life insurance is commonly provided in the form of a yearly renewable term insurance policy with flexible options.

Group life insurance: Plan and protect

Business life insurance is an integral part of a long-term financial planning strategy. It provides fundamental protection for your employees at a competitive group rate. In most cases, group life insurance costs less than what employees would pay for similar coverage through an individual policy. 

The unexpected can happen anytime, and when it does, you’ll be prepared by having peace of mind knowing your employees and their dependents have coverage to help ease the financial burden of a loss on their family.

Making the business life insurance experience easier and more affordable

The Metro Coast Insurance team takes group life insurance personally. That’s why we support our extremely competitive offerings with a service model that is by far the best. By taking the time to understand your business, your goals and your employees, we can design a strategy to help improve your health and benefits insurance investment all year long.