Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance:  Providing Employees Affordable Dental Care

Commercial dental insurance pays a share of the costs associated with dental care.  Like health insurance plans, dental plans may be categorized as:

  • Indemnity (usually called dental insurance) – Employees are allowed to see any dentist who accepts this type of coverage.
  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PDPPO/PPO) – Provides in-network and out-of-network coverage.
  • Dental Health managed Organization (DHMO) – Assigns or allows employees to choose an in-network dentist and/or an in-network dental office, and use the benefits in that network or managed-care plan.

Proactive dental care is an important part of an individual’s general health and well-being.  Regular dental visits may indicate much about your overall health.  Routine check-ups may identify problems early,well before they become complex requiring costly treatment. 

Like health insurance, many employees greatly value dental insurance, realizing the importance of including dental insurance in a robust compensation package.

Business Dental Insurance

Although a group health insurance plan is viewed as the keystone of a benefits package, ancillary benefits – such as dental insurance—helps create a more robust and therefore attractive benefits program.  Worksite PAY can assist you in selecting the plan to best meet your business needs and satisfy your employees.  We’ve developed relationships with carriers to offer you a wide-range of options.  We’ll walk you through the process to create an affordable health and benefits program that’s tailored to meet your needs.