Group Health Insurance

Simplify group health insurance

Choosing employee group health benefits doesn’t have to be cumbersome. And when its configured right, you can enjoy the rewards by attracting and retaining better talent because a possible new-hire may see your offer as irresistible, and your current employees may be happier and more positively engaged.

Our affiliate, Metro Coast Insurance, gives you access to seasoned licensed agents that professionally answer your questions, and help you get the right group health insurance plan designed for your business. With help from Metro Coast Insurance, you can get:

  • Access to a network of established regional and national carriers – for plans that fit your company and employees’ needs at competitive rates
  • Receive assistance in managing your benefits plan throughout the year, which eases the administrative burden of offering group benefits such as enrollments, terminations, life event changes and renewals
  • Integrating benefits with payroll simplifies the process of making changes in payroll deductions as a result of enrollments, life events and renewals
  • Integration with benefits carriers shares enrollment information automatically, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

For a proposal and to compare coverage and costs offered by our network of partner carriers, contact us today.

Insurance Options

Employee Benefits Insurance

As a business owner, offering the best group health insurance is one of the most crucial decisions you can make to ensure your employees are happy, productive and healthy. Group health insurance offers your employees access to preventive care, ongoing care and emergency care. 

Group health insurance plans cover groups that are typically a company with two or more employees and their dependents. Group health insurance is a distinct and effective option for assisting businesses in attracting qualified job applicants, maintaining employee productivity and reducing employee turnover. It’s often considered the foundation of a complete employee benefits package.

We offer: