Umbrella Policy

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella coverage comes into affect in the case that a large liability claim exceeds the limit of your business’s primary insurance coverage.  If the policy limits are exhausted on your primary liability insurance, the umbrella policy comes in and takes care of the excess.

Umbrella Insurance: Protect your Assets

An umbrella policy provides your business with additional liability coverage that protects your personal property and any secondary income.  A company’s assets can be at risk if they are presented with a lawsuit and having umbrella insurance protects you against a calamitous financial loss that can lead to bankruptcy. An umbrella policy gives you peace of mind for only a few hundred dollars a year. Financial security is important for any business and an umbrella policy will be there to keep you protected.

Umbrella Insurance: Coverage you need on a rainy day

An umbrella policy offers additional liability insurance which in turn protects your company.  Umbrella insurance typically provides:
  • Protection of your assets
  • Additional legal fee coverage
  • Liability coverage for some claims not covered by your commercial or business insurance

A suitable umbrella policy is just the beginning

When looking for the right umbrella coverage, Metro Coast Insurance finds you a carrier that will meet your needs. They are experienced in a wide variety of industries and know just how important it is to find the right carrier.  Metro Coast Insurance provides top-level assistance and service.