Business Property Insurance

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): Bundled Coverage for your Small Business

BOP’s allows you to bundle the two most important insurance coverage’s — commercial property and commercial liability insurance — into one more cost-effective policy. With just one policy, your business is covered in the case of a fire, a lawsuit, a theft and more. A BOP policy can be personalized to meet the needs of your business.

BOP Policies: The packaged solution

Created for small businesses, the cost of a BOP is often much less than purchasing individual policies. A BOP commonly offers the below:

Property Insurance

  • Protects your businesses’ physical assets, the building and its contents.
  • Typically covers losses caused by a fire or explosions, theft and damage from a vehicle or an airplane.
  • The most common items covered are your building, office equipment as well as any inventory.

General Liability

  • Protects your business and employees against claims for property damage or bodily injury caused by the operations on your premises or your product liability.
  • In the case that your company is sued, it will pay for the cost of any attorney fees and any settlement should you be successfully sued.
  • Protects you as a tenant if you cause any damage to a property that you rent
  • Protects you against claims of false or inaccurate advertising, defamation or copyright infringement

A Team That Always Has Your Back

Owning a business can bring great risks. A small business needs cost-effective coverage that allows flexibility.  Metro Coast Insurance has relationships with hundreds of carriers nationwide. Together, you’ll build a game plan that meets the needs of your business and a carrier that will cover you as needed.