Benefits Administration

Benefits administration that’s flexible, easy and engaging

Employee benefits are important when it comes to attracting and retaining talent to propel your business forward. Benefits shouldn’t be complicated to handle. Get expert strategies and a versatile benefits administration solution, so you can take care of everything you offer your employees on one platform — desktop or mobile.


Experience a simplified benefits solution

It’s easy for your employees to use our reactive website to manage their benefits on mobile devices. They can easily manage open enrollment, qualifying life events, and benefits for themselves and their dependents.

Technology integration

Seamlessly integrate systems you already use with Worksite PAY’s platform or connect with other leading systems that best fit your company needs – including most ERPs – to increase efficiency and security.

Data tools

Utilize dynamic analytics tools to help you see where opportunities exist and how you measure up to others — that way you can make well-informed methodical decisions. We also offer your employees tools and calculators to assist them with making the best plan choices that fit their lifestyle.


Expert advisory services

When you’re searching for guidance about what to offer your employees, how to propel increased engagement or how benefits can do more to help attract and retain the employees you need, our team of experts can help gather data about your employees’ preferences and provide you with an understanding of your employee behavior to match the best benefits choices.

HR outsourcing

Reduce the burden of complicated HR administration beyond benefits with a wide variation of outsourcing options.


Cover all the details

Benefits administration is more than what you offer and the experience you create. It’s also about the details. Because of this we have more to offer:
  • Expert Support – A dedicated help desk, expert benefits professionals and specialized enrollment support are just a few of the ways we have you covered
  • Compliance – whether it’s in accordance with constantly changing local, state or federal laws, is something everyone wants to maintain. Worksite PAY can help you efficiently track leaves of absence, ACA and more
  • Dependent verification — Our team of professionals can perform rigorous audits that determine if your business is paying for dependents who are not entitled to participate in your company benefits program
  • Print and fulfillment — Let Worksite PAY take care of design, data management, print-on-demand capabilities and mailing services on behalf of your company
  • Employee communication services — Work with us to design and execute comprehensive communications programs for your employee benefits