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Enhance the value of your business by introducing Worksite PAY’s industry leading payroll, benefits, and HR support services to your clients. They will gain better benefits packages for their employees, knowledgeable HR experts that will help minimize risks, and greater efficiency to focus on growing their business.

Growing Value Together

Our Partner Program is straight forward: refer your customers to Worksite PAY and we’ll take of the rest. Get paid for referrals that become Worksite PAY customers. Or forgo the referral and pass those through as savings to your clients.

What’s in it for YOU

Profit Sharing*

Collect a monthly residual when your referrals become WorksitePAY clients. Treat that as an additional revenue stream or pass the savings on to the clients.

Marketing Support

We can help you create a marketing referral plan to promote WorksitePAY to your clients which includes e-mail marketing, social media marketing and direct response pages.

Extend Your Network

Increase your book of business by sharing leads with WorksitePAY HR Consultants who are dedicated to boosting return on investment.

What’s in it for your CLIENTS


Access to a comprehensive benefits package, like those of fortune 500 companies. We tap into our network of established providers to provide custom solutions for your networks.

Cloud-Based HR Solutions

Access to WorksitePAYs HCM system designed to help employers manage payroll, onboarding, benefits enrollment and other crucial HR functions for their employees efficiently and confidently.

Dedicated HR Specialists

Access to a dedicated team of specialists who support them daily. This team regularly review their HR policies and procedures to ensure they comply with statuary regulations.


Minimum number of referred clients necessary to participate in this program is three. With that, your company is eligible for a FREE subscription to our HR Core plan.
You will receive a 10% residual payment for each of your clients where Worksite PAY handles Benefits, Payroll and HR management.
You will receive a 25% residual payment for each of your clients where you handle your client’s Benefits, Payroll and HR Management using the Worksite PAY HR platform.

Ready to become a Partner?

Learn how Worksite PAY can enhance your business with our unique bundle of HR services and technology.

Worksite PAY is the HR outsourcing solution that offers companies coverage of their HR, payroll and benefits administration needs.

25950 Acero, Suite #345
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(833) 967-5736


25950 Acero, Suite #345
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(833) 967-5736