Employee Development

Revamp talent management

Your employees bring results everyday to make your company succeed. Help them take their talent and potential even farther.


Empower your employees to flourish

Don’t just guide your employees, prepare them to find a clear path to their key objectives, welcome and respond to suggestions, and apply training and ideas gathered from other departments.

Our solutions aim to help you to:

  • Match-up your Business goals using tiered achievement objectives and 360 review evaluations
  • Specify your performance systems with customary yearly reviews and ratings or on going suggestions and updates
  • Increase the visibility of managers into staff members strengths, achievements and productivity
  • Promote continuous training and teamwork


Learning can be easier when armed with the right tools for employee skill development

Do you think learning and employee skill development is important? If you do, you’re like over 75% of CEO’s in that a lack of key skills could hinder company growth.

Each individual has their own talents and short comings, but with ongoing learning through continuing education it will allow your organization to:

  • Diagnose gaps in ability to introduce precise growth programs which help move your business forward
  • Distribute custom learning packages that have the ability to utilize multiple produces and information, from in-class to training while on the job
  • Customizable dashboard manger view allow you to track team strengths and achievements
  • Learning is a breeze with a polished, easy to use mobile interface


Help your Managers work more efficiently

Give your managers a broader skill set and more visibility to track team achievements. Worksite Pay is unique in that we can offer tools to manage employees through strategic planning and development, and state of the art employee activation solutions.

Worksite Pay’s top notch tools will help establish management efficiency by:

  • Allowing managers to easily keep up with their employees and measure team efficiency
  • Grow leadership skills with robust employee appraisals and confidential feedback tied directly to the team building and skills development
  • Equipping managers with thorough knowledge of each team members’ strengths and performance metrics


Prove to your employees how valuable they are

Fair compensation isn’t always about the paycheck. Employees want to feel valued and need to be treated fairly. You need to have the tools that can analyze any number of work place scenarios to make sure you are fostering healthy working environment.

Worksite Pay strategies give you the tools that analyze the market from over 25 million employees to help you create a fair and balanced compensation package that is equitable for all things including pay, raises, performance bonuses, and retirement planning.


Get your company ready for tomorrow

Your company needs to plan for the future, so a strong succession planning tool is a must. You can also increase retention by recognizing strong employee performances and showing them a path to advance.

Start growing a solid base of future managers with Worksit Pay’s succession planning tools:

  • Dedicated analysis to for see potential flight risks and identify possible turnover
  • Foresight into competencies, compa ratio, and employee performance data to help with decision making
  • User friendly tools that allow employees to manage their profiles, search out possible advancement opportunities, and see where they are with their current abilities so they know what skills they can learn to prepare them for future advancement

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25950 Acero, Suite #345
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(833) 967-5736